Sunday, August 23, 2009

X is for, err...uhh....Xylophone??

It's a tough one, X. You've basicly got energy drinks, late night workout tape and fat burners, Bill Gates' video game, all-wheel drive on an Infiniti and the fattest, laziest, too-much-too-soon generation ever.

Just kill me

In College Football, X is wholly owned by Florida State, home to"athletic" "running" "mistake-prone" quarterback Xavier Lee, Wide Righter Xavier Bietta and incoming freshman Xavier Duncan.

Not a lot to work with.

And then it hit us: why not use the bitchin'est slay-music-belching, P-magnet instrument ever, the 11t
h century's answer to the piano, the kick-through the cinderblocks axe-chords of the Xylophone.


Wow. From greatest pre-game/tunnel run/max bench song ever to me peeing pants watching that video 10 times in a row. THUN-DAH!

Not sure where to go from there. So here's an evil robot from
South Carolina...

and a fabulously pimple-faced science fair enthusiast who will probably save us all from the robots after he goes to Michigan:

And just for fun, two more fight songs on fabulously unacceptable instraments:


Georgia Tech

Saturday, August 22, 2009

W is for Wishbone

The 1986 Air Force-Army game at West Point, both running the wishbone, which is to say two of the last wishbone offenses facing defenses who see it everyday in practice.

A few things to note:
- Army's offense produced four 500-yard runners (2 over 1,000) that year.
- THere are two significant passes in this video. In one, the Army QB hangs one deep and gets his reciever blown up in the endzone, and the other ends in a touchdown-n0-touchback!-fumble. About what I'd hope for from an all-wishbone highlight package.
- For all the "Honor of the Game" and Officer/Gentleman crap that gets heaped on Academy teams, pay attention to how chippy this is, even for the 80s. THe hits at the corner invariably end two yards out of bounds, and the interior scraps end in a remarkably high percentage of post-impact posing.
- Skip to 5:17 for Air Force's QB making a vintage wishbone, valor-under-fire downfield pitch that would make Darian Hagan gasp.