Monday, September 13, 2004

Top 25 Sept 12


I've never seen a worse
Top 25. Yes it's September, but Polls are like internet rumors - they have momentum and once something gets posted, its hard to unpost.
Only the explosion of non-BCS teams keeps it relevent.

0: Wins for Florida State, ranked 8th.
2: Highest possible standing FSU could now hold in the ACC, having lost a conference game.
1: Wins for Michigan, ranked 17th, 9 spots below FSU.
1: Michigan's conference finish last year and still-likely finish in the Big 10 this year.
2: Wins for Ohio State, the next-most likely Big 10 champ, and conference champ prior to Michigan.
9: Rank of Ohio State, one below Florida State.
2: ACC teams the Top 25 implies are better than anybody in the Big 10. I might even accept that premise - but not if one of them is Florida State.
Basicly, somewhere (several somewheres, actually) a sportswriter had to say, "Yeah, the Noles were shaky against Miami, but I think they'd come together against... Ohio State or Michigan or Auburn or Tennessee or Florida. Or Fresno State - I mean beating KSU at home is nice, but how could that defense stop Rix?"
9: Spots Michigan dropped, to 17. Unconscionable. Do you think there are 4 teams in the US that could have beat Notre Dame at home last weekend? I'm SUPER glad that wasn't SC. Yeah, it was a Showdown game, and yes, it was a heavy, heavy loss... but it sure doesn't mean there are now 16 teams in the country better than them. I mean, have you SEEN Braylon Edwards? Have seen that guy? Right now, my All American recievers, one year AW (After Williams, Roy and Mike), are Edwards and Oregon State's Mike Hess.

10: I'll buy into Cal at 10, for 2 reasons - 1) the top 2 in every BCS conference had damn well be in the Top 10 (and that would still exclude FSU) and 2) it's september - they'll piss it away.

5: Ranked non-BCS teams. Utah, Fresno State, Boise State, Louisville and Memphis. I'm not completely up to speed on Memphis or Louisville, but I can't understand them being there and not Southern Miss. Southern Miss finished last year as the C-USA champ (whipping TCU), and beat Nebraska IN LINCOLN this weekend. That's not worth a spot in the Top 25, but beating a sorry Texas A&M on your homefield (Utah) is?

37: Votes recived by DI's premier glamour program, Notre Dame.
31: Votes recieved by Troy in its 3rd year in IA! And that sounds right - along with pummelling Missouri, Troy also beat Marshall in week 1, who came back this past week to take Ohio State to a last-second field goal in Columbus.

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