Friday, March 25, 2005

Archived - 2003 Bowl Games

Put up all 4 of my diaries of 2003's New Years and BCS games.

- Grossman and Florida-v-Navare and Michigan in, by far, the best bowl game of that year.
- The story about a guy named Mike Moran crumpling up an aluminium ashtray at Burger King and eating it on a dare.
- The unbroken awfulness of the Fox broadcast of Texas-LSU, which also was Chris Simms final game (and featured his - really - 1st touchdown pass in the Cotton Bowl).
- The Richt-v-Bowden match-up, featuring a Rix-less, and vastly outcoached Florida State playing two underqualified but fabulously exciting QBs against Georgia's D.
- USC, fresh off a then-bewildering late-season surge and utterly unexpected Carson Heisman, opening the Iowa game by giving up every inch of a 100-yard kickoff return... and then blowing Iowa away in every measurable way.
- Hot sluts TWICE.
- The dreary trainwreck of the Ohio State-Miami "national title" game, starring Willis McGahee's knee.

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