Wednesday, June 03, 2009

V is for Video Games, V-necks, Vodka, and Various other clips

While trawling the backbays of YouTube in search of that perfect HD clip of Hakeem Nicks' behind-the-back catch in the Meineke Bowl, you run across some terrific stuff. Here's a collection:

1 . Video Games - Glitches in NCAA 2009.

Predictably, its not In The Game. It's In The Righteous Outrage.

"That is 385! That is near death!"

"The molecul-ah struct-shah of defensive tackle right der doesn' matter!"

"He's got his back turned. He's got ESP, folks."

2. V-necks and Vodka

Just about the whole mystique of the SEC can be seen or inferred in this clip of three Ole' Miss sorority dead-enders being quizzed by a radio bozo.

In 40 seconds, we learn that

1 - "Wake Forest first-string is all injured so we're cool."
2 - Vodka + Sprite + Ole' Miss fan = "good to go."
3 - Final grade for DaCoachO: B+ damn, but Miss'ippi gots some no-slack bitches.

(in fact, the girls might be going easy on da Coach O, who was 4-10 overall at the time this video was shot, had just been trounced by Kentucky and - despite Wake's depleted ranks and their fans Vodka-and-Sprite fueled support, lost to Wake 27-3 the next day).

3. Various stuff:

The Tragic History of "Semi-Tough"

Here's what this movie brings to the table:

  1. Burt Reynolds.
  2. Kris Kristofferson.
  3. Brian Denehy.
  4. All based on Dan Jenkins' debut novel of sex, drugs, TCU football, New York City and the immortal Big Ed Bookman, Shake Tiller and Billy Clyde Puckett.
  5. In 1977.

Lost forever to history. What The Hell happened?

And here's something even more remarkable I had never heard of until this post:

I'm unprepared in every way to even discuss this.

That Kid getting blown up at CSU. Kid, as in 4.

And Finally, The ooooooollll' hidden ball trick.
Is this a great clip because the runner was absolutely safe and the ref absolutely blew it because he absolutely - positively - had his back turned? Or because of the team-wide hissy fit LSU threw?


DPL said...

Man. Really wish you hadn't posted the clip of that kid getting crushed.

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