Saturday, February 07, 2004

amazing audio clip.

anyone who followed the BBC-Vs-Blair fight knows what
happened: the BBC nailed, in a way the US media did
not, its national leader to the wall for vastly,
cyncially, intentionally overstating and over-hyping
the threat of Iraq and utterly discarding its own
experts on the subject.
there is no doubt or debate on that point.
however, one BBC guy, on one report on one morning,
got a little loose with his reporting and said blair
'sexed-up' the intel. the specific claim of the
report was uncontroversial - that Iraw did NOT have a
45 minute respose window. duh.
But using 'sexed-up,' and the suicided of the source
of the report (exposed by Blair's government), Blair
rode the BBC into last week's hutton report.
Lord hutton said: The BBC was right about
everything, but that claim was a bit over top.
Blair said: GOTCHA! Told ya we didn't lie! Que
the Band!
the BBC, which had been the only English-speaking
media outlet with backbone in a year, then,
astonishingly, said: Sorry. we were totally wrong.
even though they weren't, at all, and nothing they
reported has been proven false (while almost
everything Blair said has).
yet 2 top-level BBC guys resigned.

and here is the meat of this email.

to replace the guys who quit in disgust, in came a
Blair-lackey at the top of the BBC, a weasel
determined only to put out the fire at any cost to the
BBC. And he has spent the last week acting like a
scalded dog in front of cameras. the entire BBC staff
is nearly in revolt, but blair is riding around like a
vindicated man.


so a BBC interviewer got ahold of this new BBC guy,
after his umpteenth round of apologies, and asked him:
"what are we sorry about?"

Harry Shearer's LeShow has the interview. skip ahead
to 45 minutes into the show. its at under
the Feb 1 show, and here's the direct link to the

remember, 45 minutes in. astounding.

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