Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Quiz Answers

1 - The only three coaches to win both National Titles and Super Bowls (Coach Lambert is the fictional creation of Dan Jenkins, but no more fierce for it).

2 - Volunteers, Rebels, Minutemen, Cornhuskers, Sooners, Hoosiers, Boilermakers.

3 - Black Knights, Golden Gophers, Golden Bears, Golden Hurricane, Green Wave, Crimson Tide, (the) Cardinal, Red Raiders, Orangemen, Yellow Jackets.

4 - What? With Mark May and Lou, what's not to love....

5 - Ask TJ Lambert, or the reciever Coryott hit in 94, if you can wake him up yet.

6 - They are just three of the more noteworthy teams to pull of terrificly exciting upsets of Top 10, BCS-conference teams at home on a Thursday Night ESPN game.

7 - No football, but boy do we have Crazy......


Anonymous said...

On #2... how about Mountaineers (WV)?

Matt said...

Yes on Mountaineers, if you mean the Lewis-and-Clark style kind that WVU references. But no if you mean the almost-always Korean or German kind you find mountaineering in Alaska.