Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Late in the Day, and I Ain't Been On The Court Yet...."

70.86: Average number of days with sunshine in Anchorage, Alaska between April 1st and the first televised game of 2006, South Carolina at Mississippi State (computed from this excellent weather page). That's an intriguing game, by the way: Spurrier in Year 2 walking into a solid (but not classic) Thursday Night Trap.

81.14: Remaining days in period, on some of which - but certainly not all of which - the Index might publish. But it will have to be good.

For now, if you've stumbled across The Index, Welcome! Take a look on the right side of the page at "Is This Blog For You?" If you think it might be, here are some links to our past posts, grouped by likely interests, that I hope will convince you to come back for 2006.

- 2005 Season Preview
- Greatest Weekend Ever?
- No? How about this one?

- Auburn, UGA and holy shit besides!

Big 10
- Big 10 Calculus
- The high-flyin', death-defying, runnin' gunnin', defense shunnin' Big 10! (read down a ways)

Texas and thereabouts
Rose Bowl Spills Down Under
- Go, Fight, Hell, Texas, Yeah - What exactly is a 1-point safety? And what is with those lyrics?
- Some lesser known trivia on Bud Wilkinson's streak at OU

- The ASU pornleader
- Rose Bowl Spills Down Under - Good USC story
- A Nostradom-ian analysis of USC's early-2004 efforts, and a classic Chris Rix performance against Miami.

- 2005 Army (high school) All-American Game - featuring the Main Stage-debut of USC's Mark Sanchez, LSU's Ryan Perilloux and one of the greatest showboating-dumbass moments ever captured on film.
- The complete 2003 Jan 1 and BCS bowls (long, but fun - Carson, Clarrett, Chris Simms and the fabulous Michigan-Florida game)

Feel free to write (email is vaguely listed on the right) and enjoy the summer (and if anything good comes up, I'll put it below this post).

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