Friday, March 06, 2009

U is for Unneccesary, Unsportsmanlike and Ultramarine Turf

(yip: starts with "U," means blue. I pulled it off)

Like orphans and sundresses, Boise State's secondary will hitchee.

Oh, they'll draw a flag. You'll get your first down. But you won't try that shit again, and by that shit we mean, 'advancing the ball.'

No. 1 - Jeron Johnson marking his territory against San Jose State on an overthrown ball to the sideline with a cheap shot to the back.

No. 2 and No. 3

First half of clip: Safety Ellis Powers with a two-steps late cheap-shot on Oregon QB
Jeremiah Masoli, knocking him out of the game (they are announcing line-ups as the clip begins)
Second half of clip: Johnson again, getting tossed from the game for "targeting a defenseless player" no less on an overthrown ball. Indeed, the reciever leaps for the ball while Johnson is 2 steps away, and the receiver tracks the ball with his head as it passes out of reach - and then Johnson levels him.

These aren't penalties or even that cheap, but more of Johnson blowing up Right-Angle-State teams:

Utah... (at the first down mark - instinctual!)


and Wyoming.... And this is not actuallyJohnson, but a big Samoan. Terrific big-boy hit, and even better Bad Announcing.

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