Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy basketball Index

It's not college and its not football, but Alaska has no college football and an overabundance of Crazy in its basketball legacy, so it will always have a place on the Index.

To recap some of Crazy's high school basketball accomplishments that have been chronicled here:

1 - a few years back (04?), the Barrow high school girls played for and won the State championship against a team from Juneau. THe game was played the same day as 16 games in the NCAA tournament's first-round. Of those 16 games, only 3 matched opponents from campuses farther apart than the Barrow-Juneau title game.

2 - Mario Chalmers, NCAA Final Four MVP and now NBA player, balled at Service High in Alaska, which you may have known. You may not have known that, from Chalmer's sophomore-year team at Service, Chalmers was the third guy to play in the Show. Two players who were seniors that year went on to make NFL rosters.

3 - UAA, my alma mater dear, made the DII Final Four last year and in '06 scored 8 points in the final 12 seconds to beat somebody at home.

Which brings us to...

so this story features:

Tok - if not the heart of Crazy, then at least the Gateway to Crazy.
Central players named Skylar and Cronk.
THe two highest point totals ever recorded by a single player in a game in Alaska - 20 years apart, from adjacent fly-speck towns on the Canadian border, with the previous record holder sitting in the stands as the new guy broke his record.

74: Points scored by Skylar Webb for Tok High this year, breaking a 20+ year old Alaska state record, against a team from Whitehorse, which is in Canada and 400 miles from Tok.

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400: Miles - roughly

By reputation, Tok is the first "town" you hit inside Alaska after crossing over from Canada.

62: Previous record, held by Mike Cronk, of Northway High, a school actually closer to Canada, but without the big city glam of Tok.
1: Rows behind Webb's family that Cronk, now a teacher at Tok, was sitting for the game.
1:30: Total minutes Webb played in the fourth quarter after picking up his 4th foul late in the 3rd.
59: Webb point total at end of regulation.
15: Points in overtime.
38: Winning margin in Northway game when Cronk set the record.
1: Winning margin in Tok game, 83-82 - for Whitehorse.

So Webb scored the most points ever by a high schooler in Alaska, 74, and lost.

*** - regular season

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