Sunday, November 23, 2003

WEEK 10 continued, with Week 11 Preview
did anybody see the WSU-Oregon State game? I saw it
before i wrote my index and it was just obscene.
oughta hang it in the Whitney. unbelievable.

In all, 12 turnovers. And i'm not sure if that counts
the THREE safeties.

Washington State turned the ball over FIVE TIMES in
the FIRST HALF - and was behind by only 11. huh?
At one point in the second, they traded four
turnovers in about 9 plays, though i think the fourth
was called back for something.

And then came Scott Lunde, a WSU reciever who made all
8 of his catches - including 2 TDs in the fourth to
win it for WSU. Coming into the game, Lunde - a
senior - had 41 catches and all of 2 TDs.

just crazy.

on the other hand, that makes two crazy, silly games
WSU has won against Pac 10 No. 3 and No. 4s, and you
gotta figure that's the only way they have a real
chance to get SC - the oregon game was a 5-turnover
first half, only WSU turned into a halftime lead of
something like 40.
nothing about either game suggests WSU is going to
have a) an offense that can withstand SC's D or b) any
hope of stopping USC's talent on O.
Particularly B. SC could have put 60 on
Washington, and that was with mike williams pretty
much out.
But you never know about A - WSU's recievers, if
nothing ele, are big-time tall. not much regular
sized corners can do about that - which was the story
of the Oregon game.
Still, it's SC big or something very very very

FL-UGA. On paper it's all UGA, but the trend lines
are bad - 2 straight sleepwalks, beat up roster, The
Yoke of History; florida has had 2 weeks to get ready
- which might have been just enough time to let Zook
outthink himself.
If you see a knockout in red making out with a fat
guy, tell Mandy she was on TV!

anybody wanna buy a piece of Penn State hosting Ohio
State? Remember, Joe Pa got his Bear's-record-breaker
against a visiting OSU as the pivot point to a season
he started something like 0-4.
i won't be surprised.

Now Va Tech would surprise me. What on EARTH makes
you think this team - CHRONIC late-season/big-game
folders - can whither the corporate assualt of Miami?
Winslow and the three blondes from last year would win
this game. Forget it.

ND-FSU - wildfires. Earthquake. Pepper spray.

Oklahoma-OSU - a fourth-quarter, last possession game
if ever i saw one. maybe OU big early, but don't miss
the comeback. last two years were shocking. this is
just going to be a good game (i think - maybe OU
plants 56 on them, too. could be a hell of deal).
and if OSU don't get them, Nebraska gets to make its
case with Texas. Not that i'd straight pick NU -
could be Texas by 21 - as long as nobody else gets
convicted of interference. As wooderson might put it,
you might not see an OU-NU Big 12 title game, but it
would be a whole lot cooler if you did!

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