Sunday, November 23, 2003

Week 8

Top 5 Fun Things About Oklahoma-Texas

well, that was excrutiating. any rays of light? any
at all? not really. but i did get a kick out of a
couple things.

5 - The pregame shots of Major Applewhite and Josh
Hypl, former QBs at both schools, hanging out as
assistant coaches.
4 - Vince Young being the next Michael Vick.
3 - OU throwing slants and screens and, going for it
on 4th and 1 inside the 20 - in the 4th quarter.
2 - Chance Mock: The New No-Helmet Koy Detmer
1 - From ESPN.Com: What fans did remain at least had a
sense of humor. UT students seated about 10 yards
behind the Sooners bench caught the attention of true
freshman John Williams, a reserve defensive end who
likely will be redshirted.
"Hey, 98," yelled one student decked out in burnt
orange, "you'd start at Texas!"

personally, i think UT should jump on the 'alternate
the game between Dallas and OKC'-train. Hook'em needs
a change of venue worse than Kobe.

0: Seconds left on the clock in the first half in two straight games played at Tennessee when somebody scored a ridiculous, pure-luck touchdown that sealed a game – two weeks ago Tennessee scored on a Hail Mary to go up on Florida and rode that momentum through the second half. This weekend Georgia scored a – it’s true – 94 yard fumble return touchdown. Time expired in the half while UGA's linebacker was still about 70 yards away from the endzone.
2: Possible longest-ever TDs in that game – Tennessee had a 90 yard TD pass, its longest. The 94 yard TD return was actually UGA's 2nd longest fumble return.
1: Minimum number of arms Casey Clausen said he would have needed to beat Georgia after missing last year’s 18-13 loss.
97: Percent of responders who chose “The rout of 2003” as most satisfying win in Atlanta Constiution-Journal online poll to question: “Which win at Tennessee was more satisfying?”
3: Percent who chose “The exciting finish in 2001”

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