Sunday, November 23, 2003

Week 13, Part II

Re: Cal 54-UW 7

729 yards of
offense. first losing season since forever. if cal
doesn't give the guy a contract, barbara hedges
should. either way, she's got to dump gilbertson -
took an odds-on heisman favorite and drove him into
the bench, and the team off a cliff. that guy was a
panic hire to get out from under the Neuheisal
implosion, and now its time to think clearly. how
many times does this kind of disaster get resurrected?

and i guess you can add Geoff McArthur to this year's
list of franchise recievers. that brings us to 8
(maybe just 7 if we do a straight swap, mcArthur
in-UW's Reggie Williams out (though I like having a
list 3-deep in Williams')). yet let's give the
heisman to Jason White - ridiculous.

why did this not help SC? well, i wonder who noticed
it? I didn't. And if it helps to illustrate SC lost
to a better team than we thought, it hurts the
argument that trouncing UW was an achievement (it's
pretty clear that SC broke UW's back and they've been
in freefall since, but that's kinda like Buchanan's
Palm Beach votes - obvious to all, but politically

And Cal is just a quirky, weird team. they aren't
nearly this good, just as they aren't really 3 points
better than SC. But they aren't as bad as they've
been either - i mean, they're OBVIOUSLY a bowl-worthy
team, but they still need to beat The Farm to get one.
strange team.
to break out a term i was reacquinated with
yesterday, the Pac 10 has had way more than its share
of statistical 'outliers' this year (just cuz i use
it, don't mean i can spell it!): runaway-train games
that really told us nothing about either team
(WSU-Oregon is the prime example), and this game - 729
yards of offense? that's at least 250 yards past the
silly line - is still another one.

but Adimchinobe Echemandu! Loliki Bongo-Wanga, call
your office!

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