Sunday, November 23, 2003

Week 13

99: Yards in INT return-TD for UGA's Odell Thurman
against Auburn.
96: Yards in Fumble return-TD UGA pulled off earlier
this year against Tennessee.
against UGA by opponent in the redzone, cuz that's 14
they got for they ownselves.
2: Total carries for Auburn's Carnell Williams - the
SEC's top back - in the first half against UGA.
Strange, strange playcalling.
113: PATs in a row made, the nation's longest streak,
by UGA's Billy F'in Bennett - the Index's Official
Whipping Boy - before missing one against Auburn.
1: OVERTIME MARGIN OF VOCTORY of oh-so-recently
National Title "contender" Va Tech over - can it be? -
Temple. Absolutely, positively, ENOUGH of the Big
East. Good f'in riddance.

3: overtime margin of victory - also by missed kick -
for Ohio State over respectable Purdue.
8: OSU home games this year.
7: Wins, out of 10, by 10-pts or less.
2: Overtime wins at home
10: Total margin of victory over Bowling Green and San
Diego State.
2: Very possible final BCS rank for OSU if they beat
Michigan, even if SC wins out impressively. read this
to see why. How could this obvious distortion of
merit possibly come to pass? Computer f'in rankings.
- on the other hand, Ohio State would have to beat
Michigan, who is playing for the rose bowl and a
plausible shot at No. 2 themselves. Anybody worried?

3: Punts, combined, in 50-44 FSU win over NC State and
43-40 Texas win over Texas Techs.
106: combined 1st downs in those two games.
0: Tech Punts.
32: Tech first downs.
36: Consecutive plays allowed by UT in 3 straight Tech
TD drives to turn a 35-21 late-3rd UT lead into a
40-35 Tech late-4th lead. In other words - 36 plays
without a stop in crunch time.
2: NC State overtime road losses to BCS ‘contending’
296: Matt Lienhart passing yards against Arizona. He
came out with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd.
387: Total Arizona punting yards (9 punts between two
0: Total yards in punt returns for this week's
You-Can-Look-It-Up player, Arizona's Syndric Steptoe!
3: Possessions, combined, inside the opponent's 6 for
both teams which resulted in no points.
3: Mike Williams TD catches, ties school record.
26: Mike Williams' career TD catches, new school
23: Career games for Williams, a sophomore.
165: Consecutive passes for Leinhart without an INT,
the school record.
147: Previous record, set last year by YouKNowWho.

Leinhart should obviously not win the Heisman. Kellen
Winslow should. Leinhart could arguably be a
finalist, but arguably not. I just haven't seen
ANYBODY compare his year to YouKnowWho's. So I just

266: Leinhart's yards/game at 10 games
295: YKW's yds/gm after 10 games.
303: YKW's yards/game, post-Bowl.
28: Leinhart's TD passes in 10 games.
24: YKW's TD passes after 10.
33: YKW's in 13 games.
62.8: Leinhart completion percentage
63.2: YKW's.
7: Leinhart INTs.
8: YKW INT after 10 games.
7: Leinhart games with no INTs.
5: YKW games with no INTs
448: YKW's best-ever passing day (in must-win against
351: Leinhart's best-ever passing day - twice (back to
back, in must-wins against ND and Washington).

If you like brute numbers, ol' Blaine is tough to beat
(though, as we'll see, he's no Philip Rivers...). BUt
in the Major Theory of QBs - QB-as-warrior,
INT-vs-TDs, etc - Leinhart's right there. And
1: YKW's lead in losses.

Leinhart vs Heisman "leaders":
(yards/gm, comp.%, TDs, INTs)

266.2, 62.8, 28, 7: Leinhart (9-1)
277.4, 65.1, 36, 6: Jason White (11-0).
288.1, 62.8, 23, 8: Eli Manning's (8-2 record)
340, 72.3, 29, 6: Philip Rivers (7-4)

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