Thursday, January 15, 2009

B is for Brad Butler, UVA left guard

It's at 1:26.

This play comes from the 2005 UVA-BC game, which (despite the ABC feed) was unseen by most of the nation since it was up against eventual National Champ Texas and Vince Young whipping Oklahoma 45-12.

Butler Index

35, 7, 2:
Yards and points that Butler GAINED for UVA, and BC players ejected as a result of this play: 5 yards for offiside on BC on this play (personal fouls against Butler and Al Washington offset, with Washington ejected); 15 yards on linebacker Brian Toal on the next play , for going after Butler (Toal's penalty put UVA on the 23, from which they scored on the next play); 15 yards and an ejection of the 'victim', All-American defensive end
Mathias Kiwanuka, for taking a swing at Butler later in the quarter.

Final score of game, won by BC. At least one post-game quote from a BC player attributed BC's late winning surge in the game to outrage over Butler's play.

Beyond that, Butler was suspended by UVA (though only begrudgingly by Al Groh, it seems) that week.

*Update*: I showed this clip to a few of my classmates who went to UVA. They said this play is Legendary in UVA - and probably BC - circles. They said this play brought a wave of scorn on the program.

And that it bumped up Butler's draft prospects by several rounds. Scouts, they said, suddenly started liking his "fiestiness."

Kiwanukawent on to win a Super Bowl ring with the Giants, as one the pass rushers who shut down Tom Brady.

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