Friday, January 23, 2009

J is for Jailbreak

"Here they come!"
...cries Griese, measure and nuance chased from his voice, the only way the Pros call football's most arguably-racist but way-too-vivid-to-retire defensive euphamism. Can it be a coincidence that this call - this simple three-word alert -is the name of the music score for the Star Wars tie fighter attack, where the ragged band of heroes are hunted, surrounded and attacked from every side? Don't get cocky, kid.

That's the Jailbreak Blitz, football's most kinetic gamble, the 10-minutes of an 80s action-movie climax rolled into 7 seconds panic.

This clip was posted to show off Cal's Desean Jackson getting blow'd da'f up downfield, but ignore that, and focus instead on what Griese is seeing at the line of scrimmage, because its the Aliens-in-the-cieling, Uncus-chases-Magua, Give'em'Hell-54 flaming circus of rage called from the booth and lit by the safeties that lands in Jackson's grill.

Here they come.

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