Monday, January 19, 2009

F is for Fight Songs

The Index has examined Fight Songs in the past, including in this post a few years back. And if you've ever thought, "somebody should make a site with all the big school's fights songs,
someone did.

And now, a Girls Singing Fight Songs Countdown:

5 - Ohio State. Everything about this video is a delight, especially the defiant can-do clapping from Maddie, The Gutsy Brunette Who's Not Afraid To Run With Big Blondy. She spent $249 at the salon this week and was up at 4am this morning so the water would be hot before the rest of the house got up, cuz it's gameday in Columbus, Big-B, and you best believe Maddie came to play.

4 - North Carolina. UNC has the best fight song in America that never makes any "Best Fight Songs" lists, performed here by the OMG Best-Semester-Abroad-EVER! Quints. And note the veteran anticipation that Blue Shorts shows by dropping her wallet just a beat before Da Bounce kicks in. Heady! They don't skate to the puck in Chapel Hill, they skate to where the puck is gonna be!

3 - Michigan. It's actually way harder than you'd suspect to find YouTube videos of college girls singing fight songs, but much easier than you'd believe to find videos of babies and children doing so. So I picked the funniest one.
Also: Even babies hate Michigan.

2 - Texas. I'm not sure I get it - what does this clip buy you that Walter Cronkite doesn't?

(Might as well tell you: if you click through, there's a full HD version)

1 - Notre Dame. "In the rugged mountains of Western Mexico?" This clip must be the greatest college-spirit-in-remote-locations pull since Earnest Shackleford taped his EA Sports cameo on Elephant Island - "EA Sports - if its in a 14-day trip across open Antarctic ocean in a life boat including through a hurricane that sank a 500-ton steamer the same night, it's in the game!"

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