Thursday, January 22, 2009

H is for Hitler

Funny thing about Hitler: he LOVES the SEC, to the tune of 3-of-6 3-of-7 4-of-8 4-of-9 4-of-10 4-of-11 5-of-12 rants!

Update 6:
The SEC returns with South Carolina! "Almost seven wins a row."

Update 5: UVA!
"We lost to Duke! No one loses to Duke!... it makes me want to kill myself." - Crafty historical accuracy!

Update 4: It's almost creepy that the only place Hitler seems to like more than the SEC, and is at his funniest discussing, is - guesses? - the state of Utah (see Bonus at bottom of post).

UPDATE 3: Washington. "Someone bring me my Paulsbo RV catalog from 1990 so I can remember the good old days!"

UPDATE 2: Florida, via Orson at EDSBS.

UPDATE #1: - Texas A&M - "We're like the Taco Cabana of football." (ed note: Taco Cabana rules).

6 - Auburn - "No one could find Auburn on a map. They think we're in Georgia."

5 - LSU - Hitler hates Jarrett Lee

4 - Texas - "I'm still a Longhorn. Maybe Missouri will beat them."
(WARNING: I considered dropping this one from the list because it drops the N-word (on Obama(!)), but then I thought: "Wait a second - do I KNOW this WASN'T made by a black guy, cuz that would be OK, right?" Let's give Longhorn nation the benefit of the doubt and just assume....)

3 - Notre Dame - "Delusional Notre Dame Fanboy"

2 - Tennessee - "I miss Ainge!"

1 - Utah - "They have everything! Name recognition, a National title, the true Gospel." You think it's about the BCS. But Hitler doesn't hate the BCS. Hitler hates Mormans.

BONUS! BYU ANSWERS! - "Don't worry darling. I hear 'Phantom' is playing at the Venetian." Zing!

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