Saturday, January 17, 2009

D is for Defense

"It may have been the greatest goal line stand in college football history. It certainly would have been the greatest goal line stand if had not been against Kansas."
- Bill Dwyer, LA Times, Aug 29, 1993

First and Goal, FSU 8yd line
(VIDEO NOT EMBEDDED - Click to open YouTube page )

Defense Index:

92, 95, 97, 99, 99: Temperatures reported during the hours of the game (noon to 5pm) by NOAA weather station at Newark Intl Airport (EWR) a few miles away from the game.

8:01: Elapsed time from 1st down snap to 4th-down whistle.
11: Snaps inside the FSU 8 yard line
9: Snaps inside the FSU 4
7: Snaps inside the FSU 2
3: Snaps inside the FSU 1
0: Kansas points

Make sure you catch Keith Jackson's call at 7:47 ("and HE didn't score!") as disbelief settles in.

Post Script Index

4: Shutouts, including this game (42-0), pitched by FSU in 1993.
3: Points allowed to NC State in 62-3 November game.
14: Total points allowed by FSU in first 5 games.
31: Points allowed through eight games.

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