Monday, February 16, 2009

P is for Poker face

I know this guy. Or rather, I know my wife, my wife used to run with a self-described Valdosta-based 'hippie-redneck' who I'll call Preston, and Preston knows this guy pretty well. I've met this guy twice, and we'll call him - in a close approximation of his nickname - Lil' Lee.

Now, if you know Preston - and a shocking number of people around Valdosta seem to - then you know there are three things Preston loves, and two are UGA football (the other is filled on a rotating basis by a predictable list of "hippie" and "redneck" pursuits).

Now Lil' Lee shares Preston's devotion to the Dawgs, but also, it turns out, can play some poker. Well enough, apparently, to have finished about 50th at the last World Series of Poker, earning $150,000.

And this is his gameday uniform.
Pay special attention to the lenses.


The Rabbi said...

Why in the fuck would you change the names to protect the guilty? You just posted a picture of ol' boy from the World-friggin-Series of Poker. You think the Internets can't figure out who he is?

PJ Matt said...

Yeah, I agree. I'm gonna go back and put in ol' Boys real name, which is Lil' Allen. You win $150K, you lose your anonymity.

"Preston" gets to keep his.

Anonymous said...
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