Monday, February 16, 2009

The Strange Judgement Index

5: "Minor" NCAA violations committed in last month by new head coaches whose previous college ooaching job was as USC O-Coordinators (Lane Kiffin 3, Steve Sarkasian 2)

17: Years in Kirk Ferentz contracted Iowa career - 10 to date, 7 in new contract extension signed last week.
12: Ferentz Games-over-.500 to date.
6: Ferentz game-over-.500 against Big 10
3-9: Ferentz vs Michigan and Ohio State
5-5: Ferentz vs Wisconsin
3: Finishes in Top 20 - 8, 8, 20
7: Ferentz bowl games
5: Bowls In Florida
0: Pasadena

2: Consecutive years in which MIchigan's starting quarterback has transfered - Ryan Mallet in 08, and Steven Threet this week.
2, 9: National Rank of those two players among QBs in the 2007 high school class (#1: Jimmy Clausen, 8-6 as a starter at ND)
97: Yards in TD pass thrown by Mallet to Mario Manningham in 2007, longest in MIchigan history, unquestionably the highlight moment of the Mallet-Threet Era.
3: Minimum number of schools Threet will have attended, having transferred to Michigan from Georgia Tech.

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