Sunday, February 08, 2009

Your Sunday Sermon

Barry Switzer reacts to the Sooner Schooner running onto the Orange Bowl at the wrong time, costing OU three points - and the lead - against Washington in 1985.

Early in the 4th, OU kicked a FG to go up 17-14 on Washington, prompting the Sooner Schooner crew to charge onto the field.

However, a penalty had been called on the kick, moving OU back. When the Schooner arrived, nearly knocking over several players, and then got stuck in the Orange Bowl mud, it bought OU a second penalty for 15 yards.

Then #2, OU likely would have been #1 in at least one of the polls with a win over 10-1, #4 Washington. But after the penalty, Washington blocked the re-kick, and soon after rolled off 14 points in 60 seconds to take control of the game.

A fantastic retelling of the game from the Seattle Times for UW's 2006 game at OU is here, including this picture of the moment.

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